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About Us


The Compliance Store is family-owned. Our corporation began as the dream of Roger Turenne. A social worker by trade who became a federal surveyor with HCFA in the 1980’s, Roger wanted to own and operate nursing facilities. From that dream Turenne & Associates was born. Today we own and operate nursing homes along with several other companies that support long term care. The Compliance Store is the latest realization of that dream.

  • We care about providers because we ARE providers.
  • We understand the challenges you face each day.
  • Our research and development staff, along with our consultants, each have over 15 years direct long term care experience in researching, developing and writing policies, procedures, plans of correction, and care plans, as well as in staff development.


To help you spend more time with your residents, rather than doing paperwork and research.

We will do this by:

  • Providing all the regulatory information and manuals you need to operate efficiently in one location;
  • Being the one source providers trust and rely on to stay updated with regulatory changes affecting long term care; and
  • Offering practical tools and templates that will save you time.


We will provide you with timely, informative and easily accessible data for your compliance needs.


Your subscription includes online access to all the information posted to the site. There are no separate charges for downloaded items nor do you have to wait for products to arrive via email or shipment. We provide access for our subscribers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Click here for pricing!


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