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Mega Rule

The final Mega Rule countdown has begun. Will you be ready?

With the Phase 3 deadline looming, staying on top of regulatory changes and having all the proper tools to ensure compliance with all phases of the Mega Rule are a must. It’s important to have innovative solutions and resources to help manage compliance and organize information. The Compliance Store is the only web-based regulatory compliance management resource designed for long-term care.

From new QAPI requirements to training program guidance, The Compliance Store has the tools, updates, and information you need for Mega Rule Phase 3. In our specially-designed category, you can find:

  • An action plan to facilitate Phase 3 compliance
  • QAPI Performance Improvement Project resources and tools
  • Compliance and Ethics program development resources
  • Solutions to support trauma-informed care
  • Training solutions for developing a competent workforce

Contact us for answers to specific questions and to see a practical demonstration of the site.

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