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Loading Quotes... conducts training and audits for long term care organizations throughout the United States. Accurate information is crucial to our business and to our customers. I can always count on The Compliance Store to give me quick access to regulatory issues along with policies and procedures that influence the quality of training we deliver. Compliance & quality of care, just a click away!

Frosini Rubertino, RN
Training In Motion

“[The Compliance Store] keeps me up to date without me having to do the homework. I have no paper manuals at all anymore.”

“The Compliance Store allows me to get the information I need in a timely manner, and allows
me to focus on what is really important, which is the resident.”

Joanne Hise, BSN-RN
Director of Nursing
Park Place Nursing & Rehab Center, LLC

“The Compliance Store provides quick, easy, one stop access to significant regulatory compliance information. [They were] the only vendor we found that provided the online regulatory support desired for our users. They can access the information by paying a set monthly fee that includes complete access to all databases. You can immediately download what you need, when you need it.”

“Not only is The Compliance Store a good cost value, it saves time. If I would have had access earlier, it would have saved me at least 3 months of research time.”

Martha Acker
Robinson Adams

“In trying to oversee clinical, risk management, and regulatory compliance in eight facilities, I rely greatly on your team’s ability to keep me up-to-date in a succinct format. Thank you and your team for all the hard work you do. Your efforts make my job easier.”

Dawn Ciokan, RN, MSN, LNHA
Century Care Management

"The Compliance Store is the single, most effective resource I know for staying on top of regulatory changes. Regardless of the federal agency, state jurisdiction, type of reimbursement, or professional discipline, the regs are all concisely and EASILY found on one site. It ends hours of digging to find the information I need."

“[It’s] like candy to a child – once you have it, you can’t live without it.”

Sharon Colling
Lantern Health Services

“The Compliance Store is one of the most convenient, easy to access resources for regulatory and policy materials that I’ve found in the industry today.”

“The Compliance Store gives me the breadth of information I need . . . and then gives me the particular information I need for every state when I have state specific issues that I have to deal with.”

“I recommend The Compliance Store because it’s easy, and it’s accurate. It’s the size and ease of the data that makes it so effective.”

Leah Klusch, RN
Executive Director
The Alliance Training Center

“Thanks for all you are doing– your information keeps me aware of changes so I can keep my staff prepared for anything. That takes the pressure off me to find information we need.”

Barbara Baxter
Cypress Health Group

“The website is one of my most used important tools!”

Patricia Walsh
Andrus on Hudson

“I really enjoy The Compliance Store as it is such a quick and easy way to keep up on all the changes….I do enjoy the excellent information/service you provide. I am a Program Specialist/RN with DHHS, Medicaid & LTC, in Nebraska. All the regulations are easily accessible on your site and I use it daily. Thanks for making my job easier.”

Rosemary Stubbendeck
Nebraska DHHS

“As a former Director of Nursing, having all of the information that I know is updated is very important. Manuals can sometimes be outdated before you actually receive them in the mail. Knowing that I can go to The Compliance Store and trust that the latest information is available for my review is very important.”

“In the fast-paced world of Long Term Care . . . if I need an answer, and I need it right now, I know with The Compliance Store, I’m just a few clicks away from my answer.”

Tracy Humble, BSN-RN
VP Clinical Services
Turenne and Associates, LLC

"The primary reason for the development of The Compliance Store was to bring a tremendous amount of regulatory and compliance documents into one location so that users would not have to search through enormous amounts of manuals and paper to find what they were looking for.”

“Having current information is extremely important to the administrators or to the users of the site. Regulatory information changes almost daily. On [the] website, that information is updated daily and linked to appropriate documents. Anyone who uses this site, especially the administrators and the management team, will find this the most helpful tool in their daily use of compliance information.”

Hugh Heaton
Founder & Developer
The Compliance Store

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